Bodyfuture - Have you ever seen your brain?

The MRI scanner was making a loud noise. While my brain was being scanned, I was not thinking about the brain. I was, indeed, thinking about "quantum teleportation." Experiments at University of Innsbruck in 1997 and at CalTech in 1998 proved the success of the instantaneous transportation of photons, heralding a new era in the study of this theme. Whether this success opens the passage to instantaneous transportation of matter and human beings over a distance, as in sci-fi films, is not clear at present. The fact that I can look at the digital scan of "my brain" somehow seems to share common elements with quantum teleportation. At least, as the scanned data set, "my brain" can be taken out of my body. It can be reproduced in the form of 3D images or objects and can be moved to different places.

The effect of technology on the thought of man is tremendous. When the clock was invented, the mechanism of the universe, notably the revolution of planets, was compared to the mechanism of a clock. In this computer age, the brain and the computer are often discussed in
association with each other. For example, the data storage in a computer is called a memory. Interestingly, however, the brain is not very good at memory work. As the universe is not explained fully by the analogy to a clock, our brains are not explained fully by the analogy to a computer.

There are many differences between the brain and a machine. The brain grows and develops through repeated cell divisions from infancy to adulthood. Our brains are easily deceived. Our visual and auditory senses, serving essential functions, are fuzzy and equivocal. Even our consciousness is not so sophisticated a mechanism as it appears.

As exemplified by the technique of perspective, spectral decomposition of light, psychoanalysis, and other applications of various technologies, the entire history of art can be regarded as the flow of technological endeavors to design interfaces stimulating sensory organs to gain cultural awareness.